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Frequently Asked Questions


What is included with my rental?

Rentals include a 12-hour use of the facility​ and 11-acre grounds, catering prep kitchen, AV System, 2 break-out rooms or getting ready spaces, 2 built-in arches, and tables & chairs for 100.  

  • 18 forty-eight inch round tables

  • 4 Six-foot banquet tables

  • 100 white plastic folding chairs

Are there any "hidden" costs over and above the listed price of the venue?

No, there are no hidden costs or fees. Clients pay the rental fee and a refundable damage deposit of $500 due 90 days prior to the event. 


Do you take credit cards?

Yes. We take all major credit cards. Credit card payments can be made safely and conveniently online or over the phone by going to our contact page. 

Do the fountains run all year?

No, our fountains run from around late May through late September dependent upon weather and the technician's schedule. We do not have the ability to switch them on and off at any time. Our clients find that the grounds are beautiful in the winter months as well! 


Can I bring and serve my own alcohol?

To help manage the liquor consumption and the safety of the guests, we require that ALL alcohol be served by TIPS trained bartenders. You may also elect to hire a bartending company to acquire and serve alcohol. 


Do you have restrictions on catering?

We require that you work with an approved full-service catering company or if you choose to self-cater or food truck cater, you must employ approved event staffing (1 staff member for every 25-30 guests). The caterers listed are well versed in lodge requirements and appeal to a variety of budgets. 

Your caterer or event staff will be responsible for: Setting up and breaking down tables and chairs (including ceremony chairs), setting up linen & dinnerware, serving food, maintaining food stations, maintaining food safety standards,  bussing tables, removing trash and recycling, cleaning the kitchen, sweeping and mopping.

If you’d like to request the use of a caterer not on our approved list, you may do so by contacting the Lodge Manager. The requested caterer must agree to comply with Lodge policies and standards to be approved. 


Is there power at the ceremony sites?

No. Due to the natural atmosphere, there is not power at the ceremony locations. Acoustic music fits in beautifully with the ambiance or alternatively you can elect to bring a whisper-quiet generator.

Can my DJ plug into your sound system?

The sound system is equipped to handle laptops, iPods, phones, tablets, CDs, and other mainstream devices. It cannot accommodate professional-grade DJ equipment.

Are there any sound restrictions?

Due to our community location, we can only have amplified music outdoors for ceremonies. All other music must be contained to the building. We will close the doors of the building at 10:00 pm as a courtesy to our neighbors. 


Do you allow sparklers?

No. Due to the high fire risk in our area, we do not allow fireworks, smoke bombs, or flames of any kind. You may use non-flammable sparklers contracted through Lighting Design by Scott for your exit if you desire to do so. 

Can I hang things up on the arches, trees, or beams?

Yes, you may hang decorations on the arches, trees, and beams. We ask that you do not use anything that could damage the natural beauty of the wood such as nails, staples, ducktape, etc. 

Is there a ladder available for use? 

Unfortunately, due to liabilities, we cannot allow guests, clients, or vendors to use our ladders or any other similar equipment.

Can we use flower petals in our decor?

Yes, outside and inside you may use real white flower petals. You may use any color of artificial or real flower petals inside. 

What about birdseed, confetti, or glittter? 

Birdseed may be used but confetti and glitter are prohibited.

Can I decorate before my time block begins?

No. To be respectful of other clients, potential clients, and events, you may only utilize your specified time block for setup and clean-up. This includes deliveries and pick-ups.  No items may be left overnight. 


Why do you require insurance?

Event insurance is required by many venues to protect our clients in the event they are held liable for property damage or bodily injury, as well alcohol-related accidents. We require $1 million of general aggregate and $1 million per occurrence. In addition, if any alcohol will or may be served at your event you must have host liquor coverage. We recommend purchasing through a company called Wedsafe. Simply go to, fill out the short application, pay the required amount (usually around $175), email us a copy of the certificate of liability. The whole process takes about 15 minutes. You can sometimes purchase event insurance through your usual insurance provider as well. 


Is the Lodge at Cathedral Pines LGBTQ+ friendly? 

Yes! We love our LGBTQ+ Clients and welcome them. 


Can I bring my pet?

We are a pet-friendly facility. If you'd like your pet to be included in your event you may bring them. Animals must be leashed while amongst guests and the grounds. After the ceremony, your furry friend must be kenneled or picked up. Any waste on the grounds must be removed.

Photo Shoots

I'm a professional photographer. Can I take portraits at the Lodge? 

Yes. We ask all photographers to pay a photoshoot permit fee and submit a copy of their liability insurance. 

Fire Danger

How will fire danger impact my event?

Due to our high-risk area open flames of any kind are prohibited. We do not allow sparklers, smoke bombs, or fireworks. We also ask that smoking only be done in vehicles. 

Event Timing

How should I utilize my time block? 

We require that your event conclude one hour before the end of your scheduled time block. Also, your time cannot be split. Other than that, you may use your time however it best suits your needs. At your final walk through a lodge representative will ask your for your final time block request.

Although you can utilize your time however you'd like, we recommend the following: 3 hours for set-up, 1 hour for the ceremony, 1-2 hours for cocktails, 4-5 hours for the reception, 1 hour for tear down.

Can vendors arrive before my scheduled time?

No, vendors, guests, and family ​cannot be on site until your scheduled time begins.

Can I purchase additional time? 

Yes, hourly add on rates are available. Please, contact us for details. 


When are rehearsals held?

Rehearsals are held between 9:00-10:00 am the morning before the wedding. Please plan accordingly,  accommodations cannot usually be made to change these times due to our event schedules. Rehearsals, are self-service and do not provide building access unless special accommodations have been made. 

Visits to the Lodge

When can I visit the Lodge?

We are available by appointment only. Please contact us to schedule a visit to the Lodge. 

Final Walkthroughs

What is this and why is it necessary?

Final walkthroughs are scheduled between 14-30 days prior to your event. You, your planner, caterer, and a representative for the Lodge will meet at the venue to discuss the final details of the day. The meeting is one to one and a half hours long and is a critical piece in ensuring the event goes off without a hitch. By the time your walkthrough arrives, all of the following should be completed

  • Final Payment

  • Room Diagram(s)

  • Certificate of Insurance

  • Event Timeline

  • List of Vendors with Contact Information

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